So you're thinking about partnering up with Rohan... here's my quick story!
Rohan here, super nice to meet you...
So I wanted to make this page to make it easier to describe the crazy journey I've been on in the past 5 years. During that time I"ve...
Hi folks Rohan here
So I took this pic as I am getting ready to go to a pajama 
party, So I'm literally doing this video really quickly before 
I head out. I am dead serious too 
So I have something to share with you real quick...bare 
with me in this video, by the end you'll probably think I'm 
crazy, or genius, or maybe a little bit of both, but here goes.  
So the culmination of all of this... last year I moved into my dream home.

It's a place I could have never dreamed for myself even 5 years ago.
So last years moved into my
 dream home.
It something I could have never seen for myself even 5 years ago.
...and last month I got my dream car. 
This video is me actually taking delivery of my car.  I remember seeing Aston Martin cars in James Bond movies and I always wanted one. 

Not thinking it was something that would have been possible in my life. 

I grew up in poverty in Barbados
That's me in the blue drinking milk.

The thought of going from a humble upbringing to  being able to live out a full life of freedom just didn't seem possible.

Was as likely as going to the moon as far as I thought! 
Then I came to the U.S and got my degree!
So just 5 years ago I rode the train every morning into work making $60,000 a years as an accountant. 
  •  I followed the usual advice everyone gives: Go to college get a good job, you know buy a house, that whole deal.
  •  But I hated my life everyday, and my coworkers hated theirs too. 
  •  Then I came up with an idea for a business that took me from riding the train everyday in DC...

And now I get to hang out in my Garfield Sweater all day at home if I like.

But I still enjoy teaching and bringing people along 

I made the Root 100 List of Most influential African Americans for my impact in tech, building startups, and mentorship!

And was even invited to the Obama white house for my work in entrepreneurship!
And that brings us to my FREE Masterclass where I share the technique that brings my students a combined $60 million per year! Within 3 weeks of launching the Masterclass with a sale of the course plus access to the software plus a free website and more... it  has already sold over $50,000!
You can see some of the marketing pieces below:
So hopefully that explains not only who I am but the impact I've been able to make in people's lives and the immense value we have here.  I look forward to chatting with you more to see if this would be a good fit for your audience!